International conference: “Defense of what? Party led military apparatus”

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  • 2019. November 08.

The Committee Of National Remembrance (NEB) cordially invites you to the international conference “Defense of what? Party led military apparatus”.


Building of the office of NEB,Conference Room (Budapest VIII., Vas utca 10.)


November 14, 2019

Conference languages are English and Hungarian. Interpretation will be provided.

If you would like to attend the conference, please send a mail until November 12, 2019 to


9.00 István Ötvös: Welcome address

9.10 Władysław Bułhak: Professionalism or Ideology? Practical Operational Conclusions for Military Intelligence of the People’s Republic of Poland and Communist Political Assessment of the Organization, Methods and Results of Work of Polish Military Intelligence from the Interwar Period

9.30 Imre Okváth: Illegal Instruments for the Army’s Bolshevization, based on the Minutes of the Communist Party’s Military Committee, 1947–1948

9.50 György Markó: The Way to the Mass Army. Military Organization in Hungary between 1945–1956

10.10 Dávid Kiss: Army under Party Control. Military and Communist Takeover in Hungary

10.30 Coffee break

10.50 Aleksey Stepanov: The Communist Party and the Armed Forces in the Soviet Union between 1945 and 1956

11.30 Péter Illésfalvi: Organizing the Workers’ Militia in Zala County

11.50 Roland Maruzs: Leaders of the Workers’ Militia

12.10 Árpád Vári: Implementing Reprisal and Preserving Power. Armed Forces of the Ministry of Interior after 1956

12.30 Lunch break

13.10 Klaus Storkmann: Party Army. The Rule of the Socialist Unity Party over the GDR Armed Forces

13.30 Sándor György: Excerpts from the Military Court Proceedings in Hungary after 1956

13.50 István Ötvös: Police Force-Workers’ Militia-Armed Forces

14.10 Jacek Pawłowicz: Museum in the Prison. Warsaw, Mokotów

14.50 Coffee break

15.10 Tamás Lönhárt: New Doctrine and Instruments to Defend the Dictatorship in Romania 1968–1989

15.30 András Riba: Aspects of Political Control over Armed Forces During the Transition