Communists in power – 1956

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  • 2016. May 19.

In the anniversary year of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and War of Independence, the Committee of National Remembrance will start to publish biographies, career profiles of people who participated in the crush of the revolution and the retaliation that followed in the period between the outbreak of the revolution on 23rd October 1956 and the announcement of general amnesty in 1963. Some of those in power who are going to be portrayed here were contributors to the retaliation after the crush of the revolution due to their position in the system; others were involved directly in the retribution.
The primary function of the Committee of National Remembrance by law is to explore the power mechanisms of the communist dictatorship and to make information available to the broadest public. The Committee is conducting significant researches in this area. The first results of such an inter-institutional cooperation are published on 25th February 2016, on the memorial day for the victims of communism. This year, during the memorial year for 1956, our Library on people in power during the communist era will be extended and updated with the latest research results.